This morning  on our regular wine segment on CTV, Jeff Hopper and I discussed super value priced wines that will get you through the winter without hurting your pocket book.

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The Holiday season can be expensive and stressful, leaving you low on funds and in need of some tasty wine to keep you warm on those chilly winter nights.  January is for most a month of scaling back on spending to re-coop from the Black Friday and Boxing Day deals we splurged on, and for which our credit card payments are now due!  Not to worry, there are some super value priced wines out there that are tasty and don’t make a dent in your pocketbook.

I’ve shopped the LCBO high and low and found what I believe to be really decent wines for the price, that won’t break the bank!  Priced at $8-$15/bottle, these are affordable, value priced wines that are interesting and sure to please a crowd.

There’s no shortage of great wines at the LCBO and SAQ, however, finding quality wines at a low price takes a bit of experience and that’s why I’m here – The goal is to offer you a shopping list of readily available, affordable, interesting wines to help make your wine buying that much easier.

Insider Tip: South America, Spain, Portgual, South of France all offer great value priced (inexpensive) wines.  Canada does too though and I’ve got a real beauty here to show you today (Angels Gate Merlot).

Trapiche Broquel Chardonnay – Argentina – $8.45 – A super value priced oaked-chardonnay from South America. Enjoy with roast chicken, creamy pasta, or on its own with a movie.

Beaulieu Vineyards Coastal Sauvignon Blanc – California (USA) –  $8.95 – If you always go for Pinot Grigio, then try this more interesting varietal, Sauvignon Blanc. Plus, Sauvignon Blanc pairs wonderfully with vegetables and salads, so if you’re on a New Year’s diet, this is the wine for you to enjoy!

Domaine de L’Arjolle Sauvignon Blanc / Viognier – France – $12.20 – Fruity with a zesty refreshing acidity.

Domaine Boyar Cabernet Sauvignon – Bulgaria – $8.05 – A great super value priced old-world style Cabernet Sauvignon. Seriously, $8! You can’t go wrong!

Montalto Nero d’Avola Cabernet Sauvignon – Sicily (Italy) – $8.95 – Featuring Sicily’s most widely planted Italian grape, Nero d’Avola, blended with the ever popular Cabernet Sauvignon. The end result is a fruity yet rustic blend that is sure to please any crowd.  Great with lamb chops!

Angles Gate Merlot – Ontario – $14.95 – Double Gold Winner at the All Canadian Wine Awards. This is an incredible Merlot, and surprisingly it is under $15! Beamsville Bench (Niagara) produces terrific wines, and this is no exception!

Pascual Toso Malbec – Argentina – $13.95 – Tasty value priced wine to enjoy with roasts, steak, or aged firm cheese.

Santa Alicia Carmenere – Chile – $12.90 – Great value!  Bell pepper notes – pair with chile, stews, or beef stir fry.

Cheval Noir – Bordeaux (France) – $13.95 – Bordeaux generally means expensive Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon blends, but in this case, at $13.95, you’re getting a decent wine at a very reasonable price.  Old world style, that shows best when enjoyed with a nice beef or lamb dish.

Dessert Wines – During the cold winter months there’s no better time of the year to enjoy Canadian ice wines or fortified wines like Port. These go hand in hand with the various cakes and desserts that have dried fruit in them, like mom’s fruit cake or your neighbor’s rum cake.

Sandeman 1997 Vintage Vau Port – Portgual – $11.80 (375ml) – this is my best kept secret at the LCBO…incredible value, so much that it doesn’t really make sense why this is only $12.  It’s been in a bottle since 1999 which means it’s ready to be enjoyed now and in fact, I’d encourage you to enjoy it before 2015 as it’s probably reaching the end of it’s peak drinking window.  Pair with fruit cake, rich chocolate desserts, or pungent soft cheese (stilton).

The wines I’ve chosen offer good value that won’t sting to bad at the cash register.

Summary: You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a quality wine to enjoy this winter, however, it pays to do some research or let a sommelier or LCBO product consultant do the “hard” work for you! Check out www.quercusvino.ca and www.lcbo.ca for these and other wine recommendations.