Ottawa, ON

May 2018

Matt’s review: May 26, 2018, via Vintages throughout Ontario, Glenmorangie released their first single malt Whisky that was fully matured in American ex-Rye Whiskey casks. Labelled “Spios”, which is Gaelic for ‘spice’, and pronounced ‘spee-oss’, it’s the ninth release in their Private Edition Series which over the years have become collectors items for many Whisky aficionados.

Rye Whiskey is well known to for its spicy characteristics whereas Glenmorangie’s house style is smooth and malt dominant such as their iconic and incredibly popular ‘The Original’, which is renowned for being one of the smoothest Single Malt Whiskies available. So when Glenmorangie released Spios, with its prominent Rye-influenced spicy character, it struck as something very unique, one of a kind, for this characteristically ‘smooth’ distillery to do. Needless to say, I needed to try it, and am glad I did.

When you smell its warm and inviting aromas, with notes of zesty orange and sweet vanilla, then touch that sweet liquid gold to your lips, immediately you know it’s undoubtedly Glenmorangie, but with the added complexity from the spicy Rye Whiskey cask influence which shows up without any delay and persists for what seems like forever.

With Father’s Day just around the corner, this single malt Scotch is surely to be appreciated by any Whisky-loving dad that enjoys a full-flavoured, multi-layered Scotch with great length and complexity, which is exactly what Spios delivers! And if you enjoy a Manhattan or Old Fashioned craft cocktail, this would make one of the finest bases available and well worth it!  Highly recommended to add this fine Scotch to your collection and start your own collection of Private Edition releases. Tasted May 2018. 95 points. Matt Steeves –

Available at LCBO – $179.95


Glenmorangie Private Edition 9 Spios_Bottle on White background