Ottawa, ON

March 2017

Matt’s review: glass Gin was invented in Italy during the 11th century by brilliant monks whom we should all be thankful to! Since their invention way back when, Italy has been producing wonderful gin for which Malfy is a terrific example.
Malfy Italian gin uses coastal grown lemons from Amalfi and Sicily, along with Italian Juniper and a handful of botanicals, including coriander, angelica, and cassia bark making this a very complex,
refreshing, and elegantly aromatic gin for enjoying with your favourite cocktails, on the rocks, or simply with a splash of soda water and lemon twist. This ultra chic Italian gin is the perfect complement to your summer celebrations. Enjoy a little summer in your glass. Tasted March 2017. 90+ points. Matt Steeves –


Available at LCBO – $34.95