Ottawa, ON

November 2017


Matt’s review:

Maynard’s 100 Years of Port is perhaps the ultimate gift for any wine lover this holiday season. Beyond the attractive and functional packaging, that houses four 200ml glass bottles with resealable cork stoppers, the real excitement comes with the tasting of 100 years worth of Tawny. Starting with a 10 year Tawny, and increasing in decade increments where each Port has aged an additional 10 years in wood, to arrive at the remarkably complex, luscious and refreshing 40 year Tawny. Maynard’s 100 Years of Port offers an incredible ‘vertical’ tasting experience that everyone will be excited to try, whether you’re an aficionado or novice, these are simply delicious and guaranteed to be loved by all! Pair any of these with a wide range of dishes from Charcuterie to fruitcake to the sweetest dessert dishes you can imagine, Tawny Port makes you the MacGyver of perfect food pairings. At just under $100 (at the LCBO), this 800ml sleeve of premium Tawny Ports offers great value, as 30 and 40 year old Tawny Ports often sell for $100-$200 per bottle. Like any Tawny Port, once you open it you can take your time and enjoy it over a number of weeks or better yet treat your family and friends to a truly unique tasting over the holiday season. Tasted November 2017. 96 points. One of my top recommended holiday ‘wine’ gifts of the season. Matt Steeves –

Available on-line at for $99.95 – Order on-line and either pick-up at your favourite store or have it delivered to your door in time for the holidays.

100 year port