Ottawa, ON

November 2017

When you haven’t changed a recipe in over a hundred years any change must be for a pretty darn good reason!  So when Jack Daniel’s announced the release of their new Jack Daniel’s Rye Whiskey, made with 70% Rye grain, essentially reversing the old recipe that consisted of 80% corn, it got a lot of Whiskey enthusiasts very interested in giving it a shot, or two.  Upon my first sip I appreciated their decision to up the Rye content, thereby moving away from a sweeter style corn based Whiskey and into a style of Rye Whiskey that would be great when served with premium cocktails and also a decent choice to enjoy neat, especially for those that like the pure expression of a mildly spicy Rye.   I found it to be a terrific Rye for mixing in cocktails.  Whether it be a Manhattan, Old Fashioned, or Whiskey Sour, this Rye takes those cocktails to the next level, and in style! At 45% abv , its powerful but in a distinguished way making it ideal in those timeless cocktails.  Tasted November 2017.  Matt Steeves –

Available at LCBO – $39.95 



Try mixing up the easiest yet tastiest cocktail this season…an Old Fashioned with JD Rye.