Ottawa, ON

December 2017


Matt’s review:  Iconic Canadian winery, Inniskillin, is world renowned for their luxurious Icewines, and their Cabernet Franc Icewine is the best of the best! Rich and refreshing, with incredible complexity and perfect balance, it bursts with layers of brandied cherry, stewed plum and rhubarb, and the sweetest red strawberries you’ve ever tasted. Luscious with precise acidity that is the hallmark of the finest Canadian Icewines. Enjoy 2017-2030. Tasted December 2017. 96+ points. Matt Steeves –

Buy at Inniskillin Winery and look for it at LCBO in 2018


Try a delicious Canadian Icewine Cocktail with the Iced 150, a simply delicious cocktail that features two of Canada’s favourite wines.




The Iced 150


As we wrap up an incredible year of celebrating Canada 150, which has arguably been the best year Ottawa has seen in a long time, I’ve created a delicious sparkling wine cocktail that takes two of Canada’s beautiful wines, Inniskillin Icewine from Ontario and Benjamin Bridge’s traditional method sparkling wine from Nova Scotia.  These two wines when combined produce a delicious cocktail suited for any special occasion.


  • 1 ounce Inniskillin Cabernet Franc Icewine (the finest Icewine you can imagine)
  • 4 ounces Benjamin Bridge NV sparkling wine (one of Canada’s top rated traditional method sparkling wines)


  1. Just before serving, pour one ounce of Inniskillin Icewine into each glass. Fill with Sparkling wine, and garnish with a candied lemon twist, and a frozen cranberry just for looks.