Ottawa, ON

March 2019


Matt’s review:

Iconic Canadian winery, Inniskillin, is renowned for their luxurious Icewines as they consistently deliver the most impressive style of sweet, full bodied, richly textured, and incredibly refreshing (dessert) wine that’s sought after in the finest dining establishments around the world.

Their 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon Icewine, a first for this varietal at Inniskillin, is the finest Icewine I can recall ever tasting from this winery, or any other producer, ever!

Harvested December 14th, at -10C, and pressed immediately following at that same freezing cold temperature, the grapes displayed vibrant and richly concentrated ripe fruit characteristics from an extended but not overdone hang time, with that ripe fruit richness and freshness carrying through to the finished wine thereby further contributing to the observed paradoxical rich sweetness with mouthwatering acidity. The winemaker has achieved textural nirvana in this outstanding Icewine! Imagine baked strawberry-rhubarb pie, vanilla scones with strawberry compote smothered in chilled vanilla whipped cream and topped with brandied cherries…The flavor and creaminess of this perfectly balanced Icewine is sublime. The finish lasts for minutes with more strawberry-rhubarb pie flavours persisting and inviting rich chocolate desserts, baked pie, or aged cheese to complement this exceptional wine experience. It’s confirmed, this is the finest Icewine I’ve tasted. Enjoy now and over the next two decades. Tasted February 2019. 99-100 points. Matt Steeves –

Available on-line – $124.95